Friday, 16 July 2010

Rowley Way Film

In 2009/10 residents living on the Alexandra and Ainsworth Estate worked with an educational arts charity to make a documentary film about the estate. The idea was to interview architect Neave Brown to explore the ideas and history behind the design, and then interview fellow residents to find out how those ideas work in practice. After a series of training workshops the interviews were conducted by an intergenerational team of residents who also operated the camera and sound. The soundtrack was composed by a resident and recorded on the estate.

The film was launched at the Tricycle Cinema in May 2010 and all residents received a copy of the DVD through the post. If you did not see it, you can find out more about the film and watch it online here

What do you think of the film? Fair? Interesting? Any other comments?


  1. One Below the Queen - Film
    I really enjoyed watching the film covering the impressions and life on Rowley/Ainsworth Way - its some time since I have visited the estate which was my place of employment for a number of years - it was a relief to hear that the estate remains as scary and awesome to live on as it was to manage and deliver local services!

    But clearly the heart beat of the community goes on and is still being kept alive by some community activist elders - plus the love and pride of people who have their homes on the estate - for me the film really captures this and I hope I will visit soon.

  2. I was really pleased to see the film. When I first started work as an engineer, this was my second project, which I saw through right from the beginning almost to the end.

    I'm glad some of the architect's ideas worked out.

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