Friday, 16 July 2010

Abbey Regeneration Area, what do you think of the plans?

A PDF of the 3 options  is available from the camden website:
Abbey masterplan exhibition boards 6-14 (PDF 657kb)


  1. The original plans were starting to look quite OK, but the updated plans with tall buildings up to the pavement will ruin the area, it won't be an improvement on what's already there.

    They can come up with a better scheme than this.

  2. seems to me a bad idea to try to plug budget gaps by building new houses in such a densely packed area. Instead the council should campaign to get the funds that were witheld to punish residents when they voted against selling off council housing via Arms Length Management Organisations (ALMOs).

    If any housing is built it should be low rent council housing and through real consultation with residents not the sham that has happened with the current "regeneration"