Friday, 9 July 2010

Leak_Block A_Flat 89B

It has come to the attention of the TRA that there is a leak in flat 89B on Block A. It is suspected that this is a leak from the communal heating system but the exact cause is unclear. Initially it was suspected to be a damaged valve but there is a doubt about this now. Further information will be added by the TRA when we are updated.

We have been very fortunate that Max Fordham has visited the flat in question in his own time and taken some images of the damaged coil and what appears to be water ingress that may have caused the damage. We are still no closer to ascertaining the cause of the water ingress (possibly from a burst waste pipe) or why/how badly the coil is damaged but hopefully the council can act on this soon and let us know what the problem is, how it will be repaired and how recurrences elsewhere can be avoided.

The damaged pipework

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  1. I am worried about how to find a solution for the flat I am in that has had no hot water for over two weeks now. I am in 4a and I have children here and we cannot wash ! I have tried to get the council to respond but they haven't come up with a solution. We heat water ourselves for washing up but has anyone got ideas for taking a shower ?