Thursday, 22 July 2010

Gas pipework on B-Block

It has come to the attention of the TRA that gas pipework is being run externally along the back of B-Block on Rowley way. We are trying to establish whether this is permanent as it clearly contravenes the listing of the building and there have been no permissions granted to this utility supplier (as far as we can see) to carry out this work. We are chasing the council on this and will report back.


  1. Yes, what is this about? This is supposed to be a grade II* listed building and any such work should be first approved by English Heritage. We need to find out if this specific design has been discussed with them, and received approval. Can the TRA find out from the local councillor or somebody in the council? Let us forward this thread to somebody, and see what they say.

  2. Hello, yes this is permanent and allegedly has consent. I am sceptical though! I live in one of the flats currently without gas (due to a leak - itself worrying, due to a lack of maintenance) so this pipe has been installed as a new supply route for our properties. Being done in a really shoddy way. The contractors are trying to slap pipes all over the interior and exterior of my flat, and are asking me where I want them to run. Nowhere really is my answer. Doesn't strike me as a coordinated, approved solution...

  3. One of my neighbours saw it last week and was amazed and has got straight onto Richard Parish at English Heritage and he is going to look into. If anyone else wants to phone him about this then please do phone him on 0207 973 3000. The more people that phone EH about this then they might take it a bit more seriously!

  4. The TRA raised this issue with Camden on Wednesday and we had this response on Thursday:

    "Further to our discussion re the above last night, I have spoken to Barrie Mytton of NLGA [North London Gas Alliance].

    Barrie is aware of the work, but it was not carried by NLGA. Apparently NLGA are one of several contractors National Grid (the gas transporter) use to carry out work in this area. This work arose as a result of a gas leak and it appears to have been carried without the permission of English Heritage.

    The work Barrie is intending to carry out is, as I indicated last night, still in the design stage and consultants have been appointed by NLGA to carry out the consultation with the relevant authorities.

    I’m not sure who, if anyone, from Camden gave permission for the work to be carried out, but it would seem that National Grid is ultimately responsible for the work.

    I have not been able to contact Victoria Pound, Borough Consevation Officer to discuss this, but I will do so.

    I will let you know when I have some further information."