Thursday 29 July 2010

Cameras on Ainsworth Way service road?

On my way to work last week I came across a couple whose car had been broken into on the back service road of Ainsworth Way. They asked me if there were any cameras on this road. We couldn't see any obviously visible and the couple thought there should be some there.
What do you think?

Thursday 22 July 2010

Gas pipework on B-Block

It has come to the attention of the TRA that gas pipework is being run externally along the back of B-Block on Rowley way. We are trying to establish whether this is permanent as it clearly contravenes the listing of the building and there have been no permissions granted to this utility supplier (as far as we can see) to carry out this work. We are chasing the council on this and will report back.

Friday 16 July 2010

Rowley Way Film

In 2009/10 residents living on the Alexandra and Ainsworth Estate worked with an educational arts charity to make a documentary film about the estate. The idea was to interview architect Neave Brown to explore the ideas and history behind the design, and then interview fellow residents to find out how those ideas work in practice. After a series of training workshops the interviews were conducted by an intergenerational team of residents who also operated the camera and sound. The soundtrack was composed by a resident and recorded on the estate.

The film was launched at the Tricycle Cinema in May 2010 and all residents received a copy of the DVD through the post. If you did not see it, you can find out more about the film and watch it online here

What do you think of the film? Fair? Interesting? Any other comments?

Abbey Regeneration Area, what do you think of the plans?

A PDF of the 3 options  is available from the camden website:
Abbey masterplan exhibition boards 6-14 (PDF 657kb)

Hoarding at garage level

Hoarding has been erected at the bottom of the vehicular ramp to Rowley Way under the walkway, with construction underway behind. These pictures were taken on Thursday 15th July and it would be useful to know what is happening (possibly getting hot water to Morton House but we have been given no information about this if so). We will chase the council for an answer and post here when they respond.

Friday 9 July 2010

Leak_Block A_Flat 89B

It has come to the attention of the TRA that there is a leak in flat 89B on Block A. It is suspected that this is a leak from the communal heating system but the exact cause is unclear. Initially it was suspected to be a damaged valve but there is a doubt about this now. Further information will be added by the TRA when we are updated.

We have been very fortunate that Max Fordham has visited the flat in question in his own time and taken some images of the damaged coil and what appears to be water ingress that may have caused the damage. We are still no closer to ascertaining the cause of the water ingress (possibly from a burst waste pipe) or why/how badly the coil is damaged but hopefully the council can act on this soon and let us know what the problem is, how it will be repaired and how recurrences elsewhere can be avoided.

The damaged pipework

Sunday 9 May 2010

Football on Rowley Way - noisy nuisance or successful use of public space?

This is the first thread on the Alexandra and Ainsworth TRA blog and since there has already been some discussion via email on the subject of football on Rowley Way, I thought this would be an interesting discussion: is this a serious problem that is out of control? or an indication of a vibrant public street? or maybe something in between!?

This thread could be an experiment initially amongst TRA members and maybe then rolled out to anyone who is interested and wants to contribute to discussions but maybe can't make meetings.

Also if you want to start a new thread then let me know and I can give you editing rights.